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Unendliche Möglichkeiten für eine Vielzahl von Branchen.

Von einfachen kommerziellen Verbindungen bis hin zu hochtechnischen Blechen, um strenge Kundenspezifikationen zu erfüllen.

Das hochinnovative und kompetente Team von Zenith bietet unseren Kunden auch die Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Compounds an.

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NR/SBR rubber sheets

NR / SBR rubber avails of excellent mechanical characteristics. It is often used in circumstances subject to heavy wear. It is commonly used in the mining industry as well as…

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NBR rubber sheets

Nitrile rubber has a perfect general resistance to oil along with good mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, flexibility, compression set, and impermeability to…

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EPDM rubber sheets

EPDM has an excellent operating temperature range. It is highly recommended for outdoor purposes as it is extremely resistant to ozone, oxygen and many chemicals and solvents.…

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CR rubber sheets

CR provides for a combination of characteristics that make it the best multi-function rubber. It is used by applications that have contact with oils and other chemical products…

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Para rubber sheets

A wide range of wear and impact resistant rubber sheeting for the mining industry and other industries with an application that requires resistance to mechanical impact,…

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Food Grade & VMQ Silicone

Food Grade rubber types are compliant with the European regulations (EC) nr.1935/2004 and 2023/2006. The materials are in compliance with FDA. This product is widely used in…

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FKM rubber sheets

FKM is used for the most demanding industrial applications. It has a good resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, oxidants and oils. Its mechanical properties remain intact…

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Rubber matting

We provide a variety of Anti-Skid Mats for multipurpose use. Our mats are excellent in shock…


Zenith Rubber Europe means more than just rubber solutions

Zenith manufactures a comprehensive range of rubber sheeting. From simple commercial compounds to highly techincal sheets, to meet stringent customer specifications. All Zenith rubber sheet products are REAH, RoHS and PAH compliant.Zenith's highly innovative and competent team also offers our customers the development of custom compounds. All products listed on this website are generally available from our warehouse in Rhenen (the Netherlands).

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