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With a storage capacity of 17,000 SQM, we can deliver 95% of our entire catalog quickly.

  • Our teams work with the Total Quality Management System, providing an efficient and reliable service.
  • Zenith operates globally with offices in India, Europe and the Middle East.
  • 95% of our range is stocked in our newest warehouse in central Europe.
  • We offer specialized rubber solutions for a variety of industries.
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NR/SBR rubber sheets

NR / SBR rubber avails of excellent mechanical characteristics. It is often used in circumstances subject to heavy wear. It is commonly used in the mining industry as well as…

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NBR rubber sheets

Nitrile rubber has a perfect general resistance to oil along with good mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, flexibility, compression set, and impermeability to…

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EPDM rubber sheets

EPDM rubber has an excellent operating temperature range. It is highly recommended for outdoor purposes as it is extremely resistant to ozone, oxygen and many chemicals and…

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CR rubber sheets

CR rubber provides for a combination of characteristics that make it the best multi-function rubber. It is used by applications that have contact with oils and other chemical…

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Para rubber sheets

A wide range of wear and impact resistant rubber sheeting for the mining industry and other industries with an application that requires resistance to mechanical impact,…

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Food Grade & VMQ Silicone

Food Grade rubber types are compliant with the European regulations (EC) nr.1935/2004 and 2023/2006. The materials are in compliance with FDA. This product is widely used in…

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FKM rubber sheets

FKM is used for the most demanding industrial applications. It has a good resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, oxidants and oils. Its mechanical properties remain intact…

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